Narrative Healthcare Network

The Narrative Healthcare Network is a platform that explores and cultivates the application of narrative practices within healthcare.

A narrative practice within healthcare promotes a critical and skilled attention to people’s narratives in the healthcare setting and encourages creativity and reflection.

We investigate and connect the fields of the humanities and science and aim to reinforce the application of narrative competencies in the way we deliver care and support healing.

Narrative Healthcare Network Facilitates

We facilitate personal and professional development with high quality programs and with experts in the fields of listening, philosophy, literature, art and design.

We create learning experiences that tap into your capacity for attentive listening, critical thinking, reflection and creativity.

Narrative Healthcare Network Unites

This network serves as a platform to unite healthcare professionals, from different disciplines and backgrounds, in a space of life-long learning.

We gather in the study of narrative practices and contribute to the dialogue of it’s application in healthcare.

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