Listening assessment

The ECHO Listening Assessment includes a list of ten English-language questions that need to be answered. It is of great importance that the answers are provided from the perspective of the current work situation. By then ranking the answers in order of priority, a personal listening style can be identified using ECHO.

Because everyone has their own listening style. We also process the information we hear in our own unique way. To improve the quality of subsequent communication, a good understanding of listening and processing this information is necessary. When you have a good understanding of how you listen, you can use these insights for the listening habits of the people around you. This not only makes your communication more effective but also that of your colleagues or team members.

Listening is a skill that can be considered cognitive. This means that you can train these skills. Just as you get stronger as you do muscle exercises, you learn to listen better as you train your cognitive listening skills.

The goal of the ECHO Listening Assessment is to provide insight into your personal listening preference style. You will also discover how the people around you experience your unique way of listening. After completing the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive personal report with recommendations. They will show you how you can effectively adapt your listening skills to different situations and circumstances.

Basic Listening Assessment

You will receive:

A comprehensive analysis report on your personal listening skills, your strengths, and possible areas for improvement.

A detailed description of the listening habits you possess and how they contribute to your communication effectiveness.

Practical and directly applicable tips to become an even better listener.

Premium Listening Assessment

To get the most out of your listening skills, we offer you the option of using the Premium Listening Assessment. In addition to the assessment, you will also have a personal (online) coaching conversation with me as a certified ECHO coach. I will go over the test results with you and discuss:

The strengths and weaknesses in your communication with the people around you.

The possible consequences of this regarding your specific situation.

What information you may miss by using your Listening Preference.

How your listening habits affect your relationship with the people around you.

How you can use your knowledge of Listening to your advantage in the workplace.

Tips and advice that you can apply in practice right away.

This online conversation with a certified coach takes approximately 60 minutes. Would you like to use the Premium Listening Assessment for a half-day on-site? Please contact us for more information.

Team Assessment

Of course, it is also possible to have your entire team take an assessment and create a group profile.

Contact me for more information on the possibilities.

The assessment and the report are in English. Our personal explanation is in Dutch.

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