Unlocking the Power of Listening

If we truly wish to connect with others and find ourselves struggling, we need to unlearn several things and then learn to adopt new attitudes. The significance of listening has been gaining more attention in recent writings. During my studies, I was introduced to the well-known sending and receiving communication model. It seemed that excellent listening was mainly about receiving. But a proficient listener, in reality, gives more. Why? Because they have chosen to avail themselves in an attempt to understand the other person.

Listening is the most utilized yet least trained ‘soft skill’. And yet, most of us agree that listening is crucial for our professional lives.

I genuinely believe in the power of effective listening. Allow me to help you discover how you can be a better listener! With great joy and passion, I would love to demonstrate the relationship between engaged listening, trust, innovation, insight, motivation, and results during inspiration sessions, training, workshops, presentations, and brainstorming meetings.

Would you like to know more or have any questions? I’d love to hear from you.

E: Corine Jansen