Loes Wouterson and I offer training sessions to teams within companies/organizations. The training lasts for two days and is a combination of (scientific) theory and reflection in action.

Our training sessions begin with a scientifically validated assessment.

The ECHO Listening Assessment consists of a list of ten questions that need to be answered. It is crucial that the answers are provided from the perspective of the current work situation. By then ranking the answers in order of priority, a personal listening style can be identified using ECHO.

Listening is a skill that can be considered cognitive. This means that you can train these skills. Just as you get stronger as you do muscle exercises, you learn to listen better as you train your cognitive listening skills.

And that’s what we do. You will gain insight into the latest theoretical insights, receive tools to become a better listener, and through reflection in action, you will truly experience the power of listening.

If you prefer personal guidance, after completing the assessment, you can also receive personal coaching to enhance your listening intelligence.

Of course, I am always available for lectures, workshops, and inspirational sessions as well.