Take your wandering for a walk

Last month Tommy Tiernan spoke with storyteller Martin Shaw on The Tommy Tiernan Show. It is a beautiful conversation about rescuing lost stories, myth-making, and wonder.

As a listener, I love to listen WITH stories of people. People ask me often…why WITH? Because I think it is essential to be with the Other, searching for words, emotions, and meaning in life, the stratification of being human. And it keeps on moving through the years, the experiences. As Martin put it:

A good story will kind of move WITH you through the decades. It ‘ll keep changing and keep deepening as you do.

Martin is always inspiring me. He suggested earlier in an article, that we need to reframe: “Living with uncertainty” to “Navigate mystery”. Of course, it is not the same. But please read his thoughts.

Navigating mystery humbles us, reminds us with every step that we don’t know everything, are not, in fact, the masters of all.”

As humans we’ve long been forged on the anvil of the mysteries: Why are we here? Why do we die? What is love? We are tuned like a cello to vibrate with such questions. What is entirely new is the amount of information we are receiving from all over the planet. So we don’t just receive stress on a localized, human level, we mainline it from a huge, abstract, conceptual perspective. Perpetual availability to both creates a nervous wreck.

The old stories say, enough; that one day we have to walk our questions, our yearnings, our longings. We have to set out into those mysteries, even with the uncertainty. Especially with the uncertainty. Make it magnificent. We take the adventure. Not naively but knowing this is what a grown-up does. We embark.” ( from Navigating Mysteries by Martin Shaw)

We all may have different journeys, but we have the same destination: to be kind, good-hearted, loving, and successful. 

Please listen to Martin and let yourself be inspired. ( you can listen to Martin from 38.20)


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