Morgen zou Jip 25 jaar worden…..

Dank aan mijn collega Lucien voor dit prachtige blog over Jip.

Tomorrow would have been Jip’s 25th birthday. Almost every day some one talks about him or tweets are passing by. During our projects for AYA4 he was our inspiration, for Corine he was her anchor and reference, for us in the REshape and the AYA- team he was a true ambassador.

He wanted to share his story of power, passion and strength. Gosh, we wanted to give him that stage on TEDxMaastricht to let the world hear his story.

Some five weeks before our conference he passed away.

So i tributed him in my own TEDxMaastricht talk to give him that stage afterall. To share, to inspire and hopefully empower others.

You can download his (dutch) story as an ebook for free at

So tomorrow we celebrate his ‘Earthday’.
Let’s do so by sharing his story, in honor of the legacy he gave all of us.