End of Life

Today I spoke with some listening friends about resilience and the connection with listening especially in healthcare. Now Jessica recognizes that death, even a sudden and traumatic one, can be beautiful.

In the aftermath of holding her child’s body as he died, Jessica Hanson, an ER and trauma nurse, was led to empower clinicians, first responders, and others on the frontline of care with the skills they need to invite families and loved ones into the end of life experience.

We have five senses and I want you to think about saturating their senses just so they can know that death is true. Coz they’re not gonna believe it. You could be the most competent person in the entire world. If somebody you love fiercely is dying, you’re not gonna believe it. Let them know that death is true. Empower them. Empower them to make their own decisions.

Health care providers deal with so much; they must steel themselves against the pain of unhappy results.  We need to help people to listen which takes bravery.  Then we must help them become resilient so they can go back to work the next day to listen again.