We listen with our heart

If you change the way you listen to others, you can connect and understand them with greater richness and depth. It is a mutual benefit! Just try it.

When I listen with the heart

I stop playing the game of non-listening.

In other words

I step inside the other’s skin;

I walk in his shoes;

I attempt to see things from his point-of-view;

I establish eye contact;

I give him conscious attention;

I reject my understanding of his words; I question;

I attempt to clarify;


I draw the other out

as his lips stumble over words,

as his face becomes flushed,

as he turns his face aside.

I make the other feel that

I understand that he is important,

that I am grateful that he trusts me enough

to share deep, personal feelings with me.

I grant him worth.

A poem of Louis Girzaitis, 1972

Please remember: People shine in the light of your attention for them.